MagicMembers doesn’t let a user pay the site owner.

Almost two hours into this problem, and I’m still no closer to figuring out what could be at fault.

The site is simple, one membership type protecting some videos using the built-in download provider. When it comes time to register, a user can put in their user name and e-mail then get redirected to a login page while they wait for their password via e-mail. After using their details, they are sent to back to the default WordPress login page with this error:

Your account is not active. To activate your account please complete the subscription payment.

“subscription payment” links to the transactions page and let the user start paying. Clicking on it sends you right back to a different login page (this one provided by Magic Members). Logging in just sends you back to the default WordPress login page with the same error.

All the test users (using the various payment types) that I’ve created in attempts to check the payment flow are sitting at Inactive.

On the off-chance that there is a stupid bug in version 1.8.11 (the version installed when this site was first created), I’m upgrading to 1.8.22 and hoping that it will fix the issue without breaking anything else.

The Update with the Facepalm

Turns out that it wasn’t MagicMembers problem at all – it was OptimisePress. Somewhere along the line, the transactions page had been set up as a WP Secured Membership page. That triggered the looping login problem.

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