Keep Your Fan Page Posts in the Facebook News Feed With 3 Simple Steps

About a month ago, I wrote about how Facebook Have Made A Major Public Mistake and How You Can Protect Yourself From The Fallout. That article is probably wrong – and won’t help you get your message out to Facebook fans.

This post is actually going to fix that. Here are your three simple steps to improving your reach and staying in the Facebook News Feed.

  1. Post something once a day.
  2. Post interesting content.
  3. Interact with your fans using @-tagging.

But First, a Public Service Announcement

The Show in News Feed setting is to help the user hide spammy pages or pages they still “like” but don’t want to read in their feed. Even if this is turned on, there is no guarantee that any particular user will see any particular post.

The problem lies in a lack of education on how to write for a fan page. Broadcasting doesn’t work anymore. You have to interact with your fans. That’s what these three steps are for.

Whenever you see someone claim that everybody should tick every Show In News Feed they have, correct them. Show them that you have followed these steps and you improved your reach.

Post Something Once a Day

It doesn’t matter what it is, a new photo, a funny story about what’s happening in your fan page’s world today or a shared picture. It only matters that you put something up there.

Try to post when your fans are most active. That way, they are more likely to actually see it before it falls off the bottom.

Keep up the discipline to do this, because it is the only way to prime the pump.

Post Interesting Content

Users that like or comment on your posts and shares are more likely to see the next one. Users that never like, comment or share your stuff become less and less likely to see anything you write —because you just aren’t engaging that individual.

Be like George Takei, he regularly posts new images that appeal to broad sections of his fan base. Every single one is an encouragement to hit the like, comment or share buttons. Every user that does that shows to their friends they have done it so their friends see the content and are more likely to click too. And so on, and so on, and so on.

You can’t always know what is interesting. If you are really stuck, pass on something new you like, a controversial news story relevant to your area or something from somebody else in a similar field.

Interact With Your Fans Using @-Tagging

Talk to your fans. When somebody comments, reply to them. Get a conversation going. The longer the conversation, the greater and greater the chance that that somebody and all their friends will see your posts.

When you are commenting as a fan page, you can type ‘@’ then start typing the name of somebody who has already replied to link them. They will get a notification encouraging them to come back and check you out again.

There You Go, Three Simple Steps

Go forth, follow the steps, and come back to leave comments on how your reach is improving over time.


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